If you visit Havana you will have many offers to know the most famous of the city, we also offer these tourist programs that are, without doubt, very beautiful and interesting. However, on this occasion, we propose you a completely different tour:
If what you are looking for is a unique and authentic experience through streets and neighborhoods of Havana where the tourist doesn’t set foot, if what you are interested in is sharing and exchanging with residents of the city, see how they live
and what they like, this it’s your Tour.

The real Havana is not that of the squares and museums that make up the Historic Center of the City, but that of the marginal neighborhoods of Central Havana and Old Habana, that of historical and cultural curiosities, that of hidden architectural
beauties. This is a Tour for curious people who enjoy immersing themselves in the depths of the local culture. We will see the last vestiges of the oldest cemetery in the city. You will get to know the mythical palace where the film “Fresa y Chocolate”
was filmed, the only Cuban production nominated to the Oscar and we will explain to you why its great repercussion. We will visit a neighborhood “agro market” where you can find out what Cubans eat. We will see a picturesque community of neighbors
(solar habanero) where we will taste a coffee with a resident of the place and a “santero” will introduce you to the Afro-Cuban religion or “santería”. We will also visit a local artist, as well as a typical neighborhood church that has very little
to envy to the Cathedral of Havana. We will share a time with the children of an elementary school and we will talk about education in Cuba. We will enter the National Ballet School (one of the best of the world) and we will see how talented young
people rehearse. We will show you one of the most beautiful old pharmacies in the world. You will know beautiful unusual buildings, hidden from view of the tourist. You will see how the future Cuban boxing champions train. You will learn about
the history and birthplace of José Martí, the most universal Cuban and a key figure in understanding Cuba today. You will know the story of Alberto Yarini, the most famous pimp of the early twentieth century and where he had his dating house…
and much much more. We guarantee you a unique and privileged experience.


Remains of the first cemetery • “La Guarida” • Cuban Agro market • National Ballet School • Picturesque community of neighbors • “Santero” – Afro-Cuban religion • Local artist • Church of the Holy Christ • Old pharmacy • Arch of Belen • Primary School
• Church of “La Merced” • Boxing Gym • Music Conservatory • House of the pimp Yarini • Tasting of a “guarapo” • José Martí’s Birthplace • Old wall • Train station • Art Noveau Buildings • Masonic headquarters

35 cuc/pax

Minimum: 2 pax. ABOUT THE PRICE: The price of this Tour is a bit higher because we will have to give tips and small donations to access private and restricted places, as well as to thank residents for their contributions. We will also have to pay an additional guide to watch the bicycles when we enter the places.

Tour Information:

  • Time: 8:30 am & 12:00 pm (be on time please)
  • Frequency: working days, from Monday to Friday. Several of the places we are going to visit are closed on weekends and holidays.
  • Meeting point: Carlos III #1115 between Luaces and Montoro.
  • Length: 20km.
  • Duration: 4:30h
  • Price: 35cuc/pax

We Provide:

  • English and Spanish speaking guide
  • High quality and comfortable bikes
  • Mineral water bottle 500mL
  • Safe storage for your luggage
  • Technical support on the go


  • Bring protective sun cream
  • Bring sun glasses
  • Bring camera. You’ll take fantastic pictures
  • Wear comfortable and transpirable clothing
  • Wear a hat or cap